Japan as a Study Destination

Japan, the ‘land of rising sun’ welcomes students from all over the world.  They are welcomed by the pleasing environment, scenic natural beauty, beautiful skyscrapers, and the traditional yet modern culture. The Japanese spirit is potent and incredibly welcoming.

Japan is the third largest economy of the world, boasting of a discoveries of cutting-edge technology. The encouraging academic environment, top notch infrastructure, and top-quality education and institutions allure students from worldwide. 

Japan in Brief

Capital : Tokyo
Currency : Japanese Yen
Population : Approximately 127 million
Language: Japanese
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of Government: Prime Minister

Reasons to Study in Japan

High Educational Standards

The academic environment of Japan is its attractive feature wherein one can study state-of-the-art technology as well as gain knowledge. There are ample research and learning opportunities, thereby making Japan a leading educational powerhouse. 
The OECD ranks Japanese high school students at top spot for math and at second position for scientific literacy.  
Worldwide Recognition. The qualifications from Japanese higher education institutions are recognized and accepted around the globe.  Japan has the highest number of Nobel Prize recipients in Asia

Rich Culture and Heritage

Japan has a long and a fascinating history. Modern Japanese culture and society encompasses a diverse mix of the old and new-modern and traditional, the East and West, and the natural and artificial. These apparently different elements coexist in harmony in Japan.

Learn Japanese 

While completing your studies in Japan, you get to learn Japanese as well. Students who want to work in Japan have advantage by knowing Japanese language

Great Scope- More Employment 

Employers in Japan and around the world take Japanese graduates in high regard. Thousands of alumni are selected each year in all fields of study. Japan has a strong job market.

Many Scholarships

There are many scholarship programs in Japan offered to International and local students. Scholarships are being provided by the Japanese government, Japan Student Services Organization, Local governments and Private foundations.

Safe and Convenient Environment

Life in Japan is safe and convenient. Public safety is excellent and Japan has very low crime rate. Medical technology is advanced and you'll find robust medical systems in place. Public transportation is profoundly punctual; travel is safe and convenient.

Bits of Advice 

Application Procedure: Application procedure and admission requirements vary depending upon the type of institution of higher learning in Japan, course and its duration. So contact the concerned institution and apply before deadline! 

Language Requirements: Almost all the Japanese institutions require Japanese language proficiency. Along with that, English language proficiency is also taken into consideration. Before applying to a Japanese institution, check the language requirements and other necessary pre-requisites along with the program offerings.

Visa Requirements:  Students must possess a “Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence” in order to acquire Student Visa. If you don’t have, apply to the regional Immigration Bureau in Japan.

Medical Insurance: International students whose stay in Japan is for more than one year are required to subscribe to the “National Health Insurance”. You need to register for the National Health Insurance at your closest or convenient local city/ward/municipal office and pay the insurance premium.

Accommodation: Most higher education institutions provide accommodations. Contact the housing office of your higher education institution for help finding accommodation. While the tuition fee in Japan is slightly higher, the benefits of studying and working here are immense, including higher salaries, an international environment and a great standard of living thereby, establishing it a safe and convenient environment for pupils.

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