Selecting the Right Study Program in Japan

Japan is recognised and acknowledged worldwide for its high-quality education and diversity of academic studies it provides. Right Preparation, Research and Time is the Key to right program and institution.

Steps to follow:

Research and Decide

Research as to which field of study and institution you want to attend. Know your career goals and aims. Go on-line and search about programs institutions offering the course you want to study. Visit the respective websites of the Institutions and know more about the course structure, admission process, fees, scholarships and financial assistance, and other related facilities. Evaluate them. Set the priorities right! 

Select and Apply

Select your Institution, course and area. Check the admission requisites and apply before deadline with necessary documents.

General Admission Requirements

Admission to a higher education institution in Japan requires the Upper Secondary School Certificate of Graduation (Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shosho) and, in most cases, is based on competitive examinations.

Students Who Have Finished 12 years of School Education-
For admittance to a University, College of Technology, Junior College, or Specialised/Professional Training Colleges in Japan, one must possess an upper-secondary school certificate or overseas equivalent that has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 12 years of school education must be completed by Students.

Students without 12 Years of School Education-
Students who do not have done 12 years of schooling are allowed for admissions to higher education institutions in Japan, but subject to the precondition- Students must have passed the entrance examination- the national examination of the relevant country (like Baccalaureate in France, Abitur in Germany, etc.), that confirms that the students have the achievements equal or higher than those who have completed 12 years of school education.

Specific Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary depending upon the type of institution of higher learning, course and its duration. 

Standardised Test in Japan

The Japanese education system puts major importance on the standardized test as qualifiers for all levels of education. 
Japanese Language Proficiency-
English Language Proficiency
Candidates must demonstrate their English language proficiency for admittance to higher education institution in Japan.Submit the scores of either of the below mentioned English Proficiency tests-

Apply for Scholarships and Visa

There are many scholarship programs in Japan offered to International and local students. Scholarships are being provided by the Japanese government, Japan Student Services Organization, Local governments and Private foundations.

After getting admittance, apply for a visa at the competent Japanese embassy/consulate at your place of residence.  Apply on time with necessary documentation.
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