Scholarships for Japanese and International Students in Japan

It’s no secret that education is a ticket for a better tomorrow, especially in today’s time. But education today has become a very expensive or should I say the education costs are sky rocketing. In order to reduce this burden, scholarships are one means to do so. Scholarships have availed millions and today it’s your time. So, apply for it!

There are many scholarship programs in Japan offered to International and local students. has compiled a list of scholarship to find and apply. Click through to see the scholarships offered to local and international students in Japan:

Japanese Government Scholarships

Since 1954, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Japanese Government has been welcoming international students to study in Japan at state expense, learn more about MEXT Scholarships.

Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO) Scholarships

Japan Student Service Organisations provides scholarship for Privately Financed International students as well as scholarships for short-term study in Japan. Know more about  JASSO Scholarships

Scholarships for the Candidates Residing Overseas

There are several scholarships being offered to students residing abroad who wish to study at Japanese higher education institutions.Click here to get the details on  Overseas Students Scholarships

Scholarship Loan Programs for Japanese Students

The scholarship loan program is for outstanding students who are experiencing trouble due to economic reasons.

Scholarships by Private Foundations in Japan

Private foundations scholarships are offered by private companies or organisations to students attending schools in a given district, or confined to special subjects/fields of study associated to the company, or to be provided to pupils from a certain country or area with which the organization has exchanges or agreements.
To know about Scholarships offered by Private Foundations in Japan log on to

Scholarships by Local Government and Local International Associations

Local governments and local international associations in Japan offer several scholarships to students residing in their district and to those who join schools in their district. To know about the Scholarships by Local Governments and Local International Associations log on to

Scholarships for International Students: At a Glance

Scholarships Applied Overseas

Japanese Government Scholarships-MEXT: Through Embassy recommendation and University Recommendation. 
  • Target Students: Research Students, Undergraduates, Students in Colleges of Technology, Specialized Training Colleges, Japanese language schools, and Students in the Young Leader’s program (YLP).
Reservation Program for Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students: Students who have appeared for EJU exam and wish to take admittance in regular courses/programs at Universities or junior colleges, and professional training colleges are eligible

Student Exchange Support Program: Scholarships for short-term study in Japan. The period of study is 8 months and less than  1 year.

Local Government and Private Organizations scholarships: Varies by each local government and organization.

Scholarships to be Applied After Arrival in Japan

Japanese Government Scholarships-MEXT: Through Domestic Selection  
  • Target Students: Research Students and Undergraduate Students
Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students:  Students in Undergraduate, junior Colleges, Professional Colleges, College of technology, Japanese language institutions. Research, Master’s and Doctorate Students are eligible.

Local Government and Private Organizations: Varies by each local government and organization.

On-campus scholarships: Varies by each school. 
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